Law firm INTER PARTES Skopje

The Law firm INTER PARTES Skopje was founded in 2011 and part of its attorneys are successors of the Law office Dimitar and Violeta Dangovi, from 1990. The law firm is representing individuals and legal entities in front of national and international courts and organs, it is providing defense for suspected and accused individuals, it is participating in negotiations and offering services in the area of business protocol. It also provides legal assistance in all areas of law, especially in criminal law, juvenile justice, civil trade and labor law, the law on intellectual property, human rights and freedoms and international investment law.

Delivering legal assistance to clients in all fields!

About us

Its reputation is built upon the quality and personality of its attorneys.
Hence, the team is working hard to achieve the level of engagement expected by the clients and collaborators.
We devote time to study the needs of the clients, individuals, and the structure and business plans of the clients and the legal entities.

The team

At the moment, the team at the Law office INTER PARTES Skopje numbers nine attorneys, attorney expert collaborators and junior barristers.

Legal services

The Law firm INTER PARTES Skopje is providing legal assistance in all legal areas.
Delivering legal assistance to clients in all fields!

Business and human rights

The Law firm INTER PARTES Skopje gives a package of legal services to business entities with the aim that companies fulfill their responsibility to respect human rights in line with the UN Guiding Principles


Награда за посветеност на унапредувањето на човековите права во бизнисот

Award for Commitment to Promoting Human Rights in Business

Кога во 2016 год. Адвокатското друштво ИНТЕР ПАРТЕС Скопје го објави со Данскиот институт за човекови права првиот Национален водич по бизнис и човекови права се покажа дека темата бизнис и човекови права е во зародиш. Денес сум горда да забележам дека благодарејќи и на квалитетната правна помош што ја дава адвокатското друштво, постојат се повеќе компании кои се отворени во своите политики и процеси […]

Слобода на изразување на адвокати

Freedom of expression of lawyers

Денес е објавена правна анализа на Адвокат Ана Дангова Хуг на порталот Global Freedom of Expression при Универизтетот во Колумбија на неодамнешната пресуда на Уставниот суд со која е утврдено дека државни органи им го повредиле правото на изразување на двајца адвокати од Република Северна Македонија, спротивно на член 10 од Европската конвенција за човекови права.

Правна заштита на жртвите на трговија со луѓе

Legal protection to victims of human trafficking

From 25th till 27th of October in Ohrid Lawyer Ana Dangova Hug from the Law firm INTER PARTES Skopje on the invitation of MYLA delivered a training on the topic “Legal protection of victims of human trafficking”. Around 30 lawyers participated at the event who worked on case studies and in groups in order to recognize the legal ways to protect victims of human trafficking.

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