Business and human rights

The UN Guiding Principles on Business and Human Rights were adopted by the UN Human Rights Council in June 2011. These Principles require from companies to:

  • have political commitment to fulfill their obligation to respect human rights;
  • adopt a due diligence processes in order to identify and protect human rights, as well as take responsibility for human rights violations;
  • use processes to decrease the negative impacts on the enjoyment of human rights, caused by the companies are where they contribute in the appearance of a human rights violation.

The implementation of the Guiding Principles is universal for the companies, regardless of their size, sector, property and structure of the company. The Principles recognize that there is no one and only approach as to how companies should implement their corporate responsibility to respect human rights.
The Law firm INTER PARTES Skopje gives a package of legal services to business entities with the aim that companies fulfill their responsibility to respect human rights in line with the UN Guiding Principles

INTER PARTES provides legal services to Clients who want to:

  • develop a Human Rights Policy;
  • conduct human rights due diligence in order to identify, prevent and mitigate the actual and potential negative impacts on human rights;
  • train and educate their employees, and update their processes, procedures and policies in line with the internationally adopted instruments on human rights;
  • report on the implementation of their human rights obligations in their business activities; and
  • adopt nonjudicial grievance mechanisms etc.

In collaboration with the Danish Institute for Human Rights,the Law firm has prepared the first Human Rights and Business Country Guide for North Macedonia, which is available of the Macedonian, Albanian and English .
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