About us

The Law firm INTER PARTES Skopje was founded in 2011 and part of its attorneys are successors of the Law office Dimitar and Violeta Dangovi, from 1990. The law firm is representing individuals and legal entities in front of national and international courts and organs, it is providing defense for suspected and accused individuals, it is participating in negotiations and offering services in the area of business protocol. It also provides legal assistance in all areas of law, especially in criminal law, juvenile justice, civil trade and labor law, the law on intellectual property, human rights and freedoms and international investment law.

The Law firm INTER PARTES Skopje is endeavoring for peaceful resolution of disputes in out of court procedure, with mediation, negotiation and settlement. Besides that, the work is conducted upon the legal norms, principles and standards adopted by the Council of Europe and the Unites Nations, as well as the case-law developed by European and international courts, tribunals and chambers.

Its reputation is built upon the quality and personality of its attorneys. At the moment, there are six attorneys, one attorney legal expert and a sufficient number of junior barristers. The team is comprised of attorneys with proved national and international working experience, trained for representing in front of the European Court on Human Rights and the different Committees of the Unites Nations, as well as before other international forums. It is cooperating with firms licensed in providing legal expertise, consultancy firms, non-governmental and interstate organizations, and when needed, it is engaging other collaborators, like doctors of law and faculty professors.

But, beside the legal expertise, the employees are conscious that the clients are asking for a respect of certain values. Hence, the team is working hard to achieve the level of engagement expected by the clients and collaborators. We devote time to study the needs of the clients, individuals, and the structure and business plans of the clients and the legal entities.

The Law firm INTER PARTES Skopje continuous to be loyal to the tradition of providing legal services and to the professional development, keeping up with the innovations and the challenges which shape the legal profession in the 21st century.

The Law firm is the first full member of АЕА International Lawyers Network and the sole member of the North Macedonia in Justinian Lawyers.

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