Contact information and how to find us: 

Law firm INTER PARTES Skopje
Bul. ”Krste Misirkov” No.11
BC Mavrovksa Lam. C 2/4
1000 Skopje, North Macedonia
+389 78 203 238
+389 (2)3 123 034

The Law firm is situated in Lamela C, the tallest business building from the complex of buildings in BC Mavrovka. This building, from one side, is facing towards the complex of faculties of the University “Ss. Cyril and Methodius”.

From the International Airport Skopje:
If you are directly heading towards our law firm from the airport in Skopje, you will need around 45 minutes to reach us. The airport itself organizes a taxi transport to the locations you choose.

From the Bus station Skopje:
From the bus station Skopje, You will need around 15 minutes by foot to reach the building of BC Mavrovka.

In order to reach BC Mavrovka, you can take buses number 2, 12,16, 20, 57.

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