Tool on (Children’s) Right to Health and Businesses

Алатка за (детското) право на здравје и бизнисот

We are glad to announce that today we are launching a new publication entitled Tool on (Children’s) Right to Health and Businesses - Unpacking the Unpacking the Human Rights Due Diligence .

The Tool provides guidance to help companies better understand what does it entail to work in line with the the UN Guiding Principles on Business and Human Rights and the Children’s Rights and Business Principles.To go more deeply in this issue, we have chosen the right of adults and children to health as a cornerstone of the analysis, as it is a salient human rights issue for most of the companies, especially now in the context of the COVID-19 outbreak.

The author of the Tool is Ana Dangova Hug, attorney at the law firm INTER PARTES Skopje who manages the Business and Human Rights law section. Also, 6 children participated in the design of this Tool by expressing their views via drawings as to what does the right to health mean to them.

Even though it is prepared by a local law firm, this Tool is intended to be used by for all companies, regardless where they operate, by the civil society, and if necessary, by governments..

The Tool on (Children’s) Right to Health and Businesses can be used by companies when:

  • Developing company policies and procedures related to human rights issues, with a special focus on the right to health
  • Assessing and tracking the potential human rights impacts of the company’s own operations or of suppliers, business partners and investments.
  • Raising awareness among staff, suppliers and other business partners, about the right to health of adults and children.
  • Engaging with workers, children, potentially affected communities, consumers, users and other stakeholders whose human rights might be affected by the company’s operations.
  • Engaging with relevant stakeholders (civil society organizations, government bodies, international organizations) on human rights -related issues.
  • Carrying out human rights due diligence in time of health crisis, such as the COVID-19 pandemic.

This Tool can be used by civilте society organizations when:

  • Conducting human rights research and monitoring related to business operations.
  • Providing capacity-building to government, business and civil society stakeholders on human rights and business.
  • Working with local stakeholders to provide recommendations to business and government.
  • Facilitating dialogue and engagement with state agencies and businesses.

The Tool can be used by governments when:

  • Reviewing and reforming public policy and legislation relevant to the human rights impacts of business, including in the areas of health.
  • Ensuring respect for human rights, including the right to health, in the state’s own business affairs.
  • Building awareness and capacity on children’s right to health and business issues.
  • Providing targeted advice to domestic companies.
  • Informing the development of trade policy, trade and investment agreements and promotion.
  • Improving effective access to judicial and non-judicial remedies for victims of business-related human rights abuses.

The targeted audience may decide to use the whole Tool, or focus on certain sections of the Tool depending on their needs. The Tool will be updated, so we invite interested parties to consult regularly the website of the law firm.

You can access the full version of the Macedonian version of the Tool here.

As a snapshot of the Tool, in of the Macedonian was developed for companies, civil society organizations and governments.

For the English version of the Tull click here.

As a snapshot of the Tool, in English was developed for companies, civil society organizations and governments.

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